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HYVIA Decarbonizing mobility

Building the European benchmark for green hydrogen mobility for professionals



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Having communicated HYVIA’s vision and project, how do we develop the organization’s commercial brand? How can we adopt a product and service sales approach, while continuing to position ourselves as THE European benchmark for green hydrogen?


Our engagement strategy

The hydrogen market is still in its infancy, and is very often confronted with negative news and numerous questions.


To set up Hyvia, born of the merger of Renault Group and Plug, we designed a corporate communications strategy to help people understand this new technology and its advantages, and then lay the foundations for a marketing approach that promotes Hyvia products and their ecosystem. The website was designed to enlighten the various stakeholders and prepare for the marketing of the first vehicles.


About the brand

Here’s a daring challenge: to offer green hydrogen mobility to professionals. It’s an forefront “turnkey” solution, in line with the Renault Group’s zero-emission ambitions. More than a commitment to more sustainable mobility, Hyvia stands for clean mobility and aims to meet new needs. The aim of this new Renault entity is to involve other companies in the ecological transition, by offering a complete ecosystem of adaptive solutions based on green H2.

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