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La Mut’ Caring for everyone

Carrying the values of a committed group with a focus on people and transparency



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How can we promote La Mut”s commitment to its mission, values and businesses to all its stakeholders?

Our engagement strategy

Too few people know about La Mut’ and its values.


To explain the full range of its activities, we have designed an editorial line that embodies the purpose of this mutualist and solidarity-based company. Each piece of content, produced in-house, tells the story of a concrete project. Each voice illustrates how La Mut’ takes care of each and every one of us on a daily basis. All in all, it showcases all our professions and invites those who wish to join them to do so.



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About the brand

La Mut’ is a mutual insurance company that puts people at the heart of its actions. Located in the PACA region of France, it has always focused on being close to its patients throughout the entire healthcare process. And when it comes to the multiplicity of its services, La Mut’ is not to be outdone: from visual impairment and early childhood to addiction and disability prevention, its scope of action is as extensive as it is essential. La Mut’ perpetuates the heritage of France’s oldest social movement, the mutualist movement, and makes its commitments and values fundamental resources for all the men and women who make up the company.

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